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Lupa de buzunar "5 in 1"

Multifunction magnifier with 2.5x magnification (large lens) and 10x magnification (small lens). The two aspheric lenses made of acrylic glass ensure excellent imaging performance. Versatile, thanks to three different light functions: 3 hi-tech LEDs (torch), 1 long-wave UV lamp for checking bank notes and one white light LED for bright incident illumination for the assessment of your collectibles, even in low light conditions. Lens Dimensions: 30 x 37 mm (large) or Ø 15 mm (small). Incl. pull-out miniature pen for your notes, and a protective case made of artificial leather. Battery operated with 3x LR927 (incl.). Black plastic housing. Dimensions: 38 x 91 x 8 mm (B / L / H)
Marca Leuchtturm.
Pret recomandat de producator: 9.95EURO
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